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Triumph Therapy Services

Helping your child reach their full potential by addressing their unique wants and needs.


Parents and caregivers are an integral part of our team!

Triumph Therapy currently offers 1:1 occupational, physical, and developmental therapy services in the home or community environment.  We know that a child's parent or caregiver is the expert when it comes to their child. We work with you to help you and your child reach the goals that are set together as a team. 

Let's be triumphant together!

Registration is now open

for our weekly inclusive, outdoor therapeutic playgroups!

For more information click HERE.

Kyale Playing
Toddler Girl Chasing Bubbles
Grace lacing Jan 2019
Classroom picture Aug 28 2017
Stacking Blocks
Autism Therapy
Grace & Steph Summer 2018
Mother and Baby on Floor


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Developmental Therapy

Inclusive Outdoor Playgroups

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Serving families in the greater Raleigh area.

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