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Tropical Leaves

Outdoor Therapeutic Playgroups

Let’s get back to nature!

  • Our inclusive, therapeutic playgroups welcome children to go back to the basics of creative, outdoor play while connecting with their peers.

  • Countless studies show the benefits of being outdoors on our health, mood, activity level, senses, creativity, and concentration. We want to harness those benefits for our children by providing them the space to learn, explore, and grow together.

  • Rainy day? Grab your raincoat, boots, and umbrella! Our outdoor playgroup is RAIN OR SHINE because what can be more fun than playing in the puddles?! We have adopted the mantra: There isn’t bad weather, just bad clothing.



What does “inclusive” mean? Inclusive means “open to everyone.” So whether your child thinks or moves differently, has limitations (visible or invisible), or has no limitations. Being part of a more diverse peer group makes diversity the norm to children. It helps them understand that everyone is different and that we can celebrate, embrace, and respect these differences.

So whether your child might require a little extra help, or they love to be a helper…this group is for them! (And knowing that those roles can reverse at any time!)


Current Group Offerings


Ages 4-8 Years (minimum of 3 children per group)

Each weekly playgroup is 2 hours long and takes place in an outdoor setting such as a local park. All groups are led by a licensed pediatric occupational therapist who is accompanied by a student intern.

Groups will engage in loosely-structured, child-led activities that facilitate coordination, motor skills, balance, socialization, creativity, problem-solving, and confidence!

Nature Navigators: $62/week


Ages 12-36 Months (minimum of 3 children per group)

Have an aspiring or new walker? Want to learn how to help your child navigate a playground environment? This weekly playgroup is 1 hour long and run by our pediatric physical therapist. It is for children and their caregivers to learn about the development of gross motor skills all while having FUN! *Younger siblings are welcome if being worn, older siblings are welcome if they’re able to play independently.*

Little Locomotors: $31/week


  • Playgroups will require a membership to ensure more consistency among our small peer groups and to maximize the therapeutic purpose.  

  • Memberships will run with the traditional school year. Summer session groups will also be offered.

  • Playgroups are a more economical way to get time with an expert in child development. The average cost of 1:1 time with a pediatric therapist is around $100/hour.


Summer Session 2021: June 14-August 14

2021-2022 School Year: August 23, 2021-June 10, 2022

Would you like to try before you buy a membership?

Purchase a trial class HERE.

Nature Navigators - $70

Little Locomotors - $35

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